Dharma Bear Initiative

                              Alabama & Florida


Location: Dothan Alabama

Host: IrishLassie/Shelby

Dates:  July 24- August 7, 2009

Shelby writes: We welcomed Ginger to “Alabama The Beautiful!”  She had a blast at the Alabama welcome center in Dothan, where she obtained a postcard for Damon and Carlton.


She also got a couple of maps, an Alabama football schedule, State of Alabama vacation guide and later posed with the “Please place watermelon rinds here” sign.  She thought it was a hoot, but that’s just the South for you!
Also at the welcome center Ginger posed with an Army helicopter.  This area is host to Fort Rucker and we are proud of our soldiers!

Ginger went to visit the World’s Smallest City Block here in Dothan as recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records.



Ginger posed with the Golden Peanut Statue at the Dothan Convention and Visitor’s Center.  Dothan is the Peanut Capital Of The World!


Back to my house where we brained stormed in the kitchen to work out the best route for Ginger to take to get to her next stop…Pensacola, Florida! Looks like it’s 143 miles to her next destination!  Finally I get to pose for a photo with Ginger before sending her on her way.


She was very excited to be on her way and posed for a few photos just inside the Florida State Line. 



She had some good Florida orange juice!  And of course she also grabbed a lotto ticket with the LOST magic numbers. 


Location: Pensacola Florida

Host: EmeraldCoast/Rita

Dates: August 10-17 2009

Ginger wanders over to Pensacola Florida to spend some time with her lovely host Rita.  Knowing how much fun Ginger has had with aircraft, Rita takes her to the local Naval Air Museum.  Pensacola is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation”.  She poses with a Blue Angel F11-A Tiger and a few bronze statues of air craft carrier crewmen.
After the museum they go downtown to the War Memorial Park. Ginger is humbled to spend time honoring the many who have fought for our country.  She visits memorials for Viet Nam, Korea, and World War 2.
Later Ginger spends some time at the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. She checks out a performance pavilion, relaxes in a lounge chair enjoying the weather, and then gets acquainted with some hunky local life guards.

Gingers final visit is to the new Plaza de Luna that was just dedicated to celebrate Pensacola’s 450th birthday.  From 1559 to 2009.  Ginger poses with the statue of Spanish Conquistador Don Tristan de Luna who explored and established a European colony in the Florida region in 1559.


 Thank you for a great time Rita.


Location: South East Florida

Host: Levmelost/Linda

Dates:  August 20-30 2009

Ginger writes: I made my way to Vero Beach Florida to visit my host Lev.
I had a great time at Vero Beach.
I went to Lev’s house.  I met Zach and checked out the flag for
Lev’s favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins.
While out sightseeing we went to Hale Groves where they grow lots of Florida oranges.  A great museum about how Vero Beach is part of “The treasure Coast”.  The treasure coast is also home to great animal and nature preserves. And I saw the local boat marina.
I loved going to the McKee Botanical garden.  It was such a beautiful place.
I found a great waterfall, a cozy place to nap and a beautiful building
with stained glass windows.

I was super excited when I found bamboo and Banyon trees,

just like they have on LOST!


Out on the town again, I found a really cool looking totem pole and
a beautiful Harley Davidson.

We ate at a great place called Archies.

You have to get past the Pirate in order to get in.  He didn’t say much.


Inside I got a yummy Pina Colada and met with some more Lost fans.