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44 years old
Charleston, West Virginia
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Just a regular cooky ol' Lostie. I take photos and make art when I am not watching

or RW Lost or on the boards.

I actually first started the show by watching S1 on DVD during the second season.

I rarely have had a TV much less cable in my home, other than at my parents house

and usually only watched anything at all when I was visiting a friend or in a hotel.

When I was a kid I liked Scooby-Doo and Happy Days then Mash and yes, later

I went through a Miami Vice faze. When I moved out, I got more into film.

Then many years later I got hooked on 24 and began to appreciate having more

than a 2hr. format for a story to unfold. I was going to be in front of a TV

when it aired the first few seasons, no doubt.

The first time I experienced renting a TV series was with Nip/Tuck. I rented the first DVD then went back and got two more. I think I watched at least 4-6 hours in a row.

Then came LOST,

I was in my apartment in Miami at the time. I rented the first DVD, put it in and was

caught from the moment the eye opened, then when he hit the beach I was

just like, "Flocke Yeah!!!!" , of course I said something else because Flocke

was not to be introduced for many mind blowing episodes and years to come

but you get the point and I know, most of you did the same.

I think I went back to the store before I even watched all the eps. on that disc

because it was late and I was afraid it would close. I got back home and began

a marathon. I am not joking, I think I watched nine hours uninterrupted, crashed

for a bit and started again. I think I watched 12 hours before I had to leave the house.

I kept telling myself I should stop and at least make it last a bit longer but it was

beyond my control. It was the perfect form of storytelling, there has never been

anything like it before, it was the pefect use of the medium and technology as well.

Yes, I am a bit crazy but I was just blown away by the fact that they could

keep me in their world and story for hour after hour after hour and I could

stay there with them, totally. It was so awesome, no bullshit commercials, no boredom,

up and down, thrill after suspence after peace after death, mystery upon mystery.

Wow! What a ride. Of course, I have never been able to have that experience

since renting S1 because there is no way I could not watch when it aired or shortly

after, since then. No way I could wait for a season to end but that's OK because

last year S5 I began another interesting LOST inspired first. I found the boards!!!

Yes, I wish I could have been with you from the start but I am happy I found you when I did. I can think back and laugh now, when I first searched the net I remember

thinking, "Chat boards are for geeks! I'm not a geek!" HA! A year and a half or so

and many posts and RW'ing notes and theories scribbled on stacks of paper

all over the apartment, the lovely Ginger Bear came to visit me in my home

state of West Virginia and we got to make a movie and comic book together and

got posted on Dark UFO and here on a web site I am a proud to be a part of, called DHARMA BEAR INITIATIVE!!!! I guess I am a LOST geek after all!!!

My thanks to all of you, especially Moon_Dancer_Goof!



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