Dharma Bear Initiative

                      "The Grand Canyon State."

Location: Northern Arizona

Hosts: Alter Ego/Chris from Arizona & Frances, from Holland


      Ginger bear begins her journey February 2009 in and around Bullhead city Arizona.  The desert of Northern Arizona is a beautiful place with lots of cozy small towns, history and diversity.  Ginger starts her day in and around the home of her host Chris.  She wakes up in a beautifully decorated room then has some breakfast in the kitchen.  She spends some quiet reflection time near the lake in the back yard and explores some interesting parts of the house, including a cabinet full of Elvis Presley figurines. 



With her hosts Chris and Frances, Ginger goes to the nearby route 66 town of Oatman Arizona.
Oatman is a great little western gold mining town with lots of charm. 
Ginger gets to ride one of many wild mules that wander through town and visits an ice cream saloon with rustic wagon wheels.

     Ginger gets to meet many of the wild-west performers that reenact old west shoot outs in the street and sees colorfully named shops like, “Classy Ass gifts & things” and “Jackass Junction”.  The names must have something to do with the local mule population.


Ginger and Chris also meet a cheerful man that looks remarkably like the character Tom Friendly from our favorite tv show “Lost”.

A few days later Ginger travels to the Grand Canyon and Sedona with Frances. 






The last of her adventures includes visits to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam between Bullhead AZ and Las Vegas NV.
Ginger had a great time in the great state of Arizona and looks forward to her next big adventure in Tijuana Mexico.
 Viva Mexico!

Location: Tijuana Mexico

Host: LostinTJ/Eileen


     March 2009 Ginger arrived in Tijuana Mexico without too much trouble at the border.   Dressed to match in pink, Ginger and her host go out on the town for a day of fun. Window shopping at a local plaza is great.  There are many colorful things to see and buy. Hand woven ponchos, hats, clothes, art and more.  It’s a fashionable bears dream. Ginger gets a chance to sit on a small figurine of a zebra painted mule. And then sits on a real life one too with a beautifully festive Eileen. 


Continuing through the market plaza or “Plaza de Mercado”, Ginger and Eileen

see a war monument commemorating people who have fought for Mexico.


 Ginger gets her picture taken with the Mexican flag and some gentlemen that

look like they are part of a Mariachi band.

Gingercita had a great time in Mexico.