Dharma Bear Initiative

                          Louisiana and Arkansas


ocation: Shreveport Louisiana

Host: Dreamy/Traci

Date: June 27 – July 10 2009

      Ginger came to Shreveport ready for adventure with her new stylish suitcase that xexe and family gave her for her accessories, souvenirs and general luggage. 



Shreveport and her sister Bossier City Louisiana, are home to several riverboat casinos.  No trip to our area is complete without seeing these beautiful boats parked along the Red River.  These pictures were taken in front of the Horseshoe Riverboat Casino and Hotel.  Ginger and Dreamy had to wear their sunglasses and sunscreen, getting mighty hot around here this time of year!

Ginger visiting Elvis at Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium.  Built in 1929, Municipal is a National Historic site and was the home of the famous Louisiana Hayride.  Elvis Presley performed here from October 16, 1954 until December 15, 1956 for $18 per show.  It was at that last performance in December that the famous phrase was first heard "Elvis has left the building."  Ginger refused to pass up a chance to have her picture made where The King started his career!   Dreamy's son has also performed on stage here with James Burton and Rick Derringer at the Little Kids Rock concert.
Was also taken at Municipal and is a statue of the great guitarist James Burton.  Mr. Burton was guitarist for Elvis, Rick Nelson, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis among others and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Mr. Burton is from Shreveport and donates time, money and guitars to our area schools and still lives here among us.

In our down time, Ginger did a little posting on the ABC Lost General Board.  Of course in time all her theories will prove correct, including her groundbreaking Purgatory theory.


Ginger decided to stay an extra day in Shreveport to celebrate our country's Independence Day. 


Location: Arkansas

Host: Rhia/Clarissa

Dates: July 13-21 2009

Ginger comes to Arkansas to visit with Rhia. At home Ginger begs for a ride on Mr. Rhia's 1992 Harley Sportster.  And gets some kitty lovins from Lacy.
One of the first places Rhia shows her is the Bull Shoals Lake in the Ozark Mountains. It was created in 1951 by the building of a dam that was dedicated by President Harry Truman. It is a hot spot for Walleye fishing and is a beautiful place to enjoy nature.

Rhia lives in a part of Arkansas that is near where the state borders both Missouri and Tennessee.  Here we see Ginger at the Highway 61 arch that marks the Arkansas & Missouri state line. It was built in 1924 in celebration of the forming of Mississippi County and the paving of the first major roadway in Arkansas.  It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.



Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas (population 18,272) doesn't boast much in the way of sightseeing. BUT the Greyhound station is a new project for the town. It is still being renovated. The community used to have an Army base and then an Air Base here. Many a soldier has seen this building! Rhia’s office is right behind it. Ginger thought it was very retro! It is also on the National Historic Registry.



The humble community of Blytheville has been inspiration to several great people such as George Hamilton who came here to promote a book at one time. And Al Feldstein, an artist and magazine editor known for working with Mad magazine, and who wrote a science fiction comic book story called “Chewed out”.  The story is set in Blytheville.  Feldstein was stationed in Blytheville during World War two.

 Famous natives of Blytheville include people like R&B singer Dee Clark, known for his hit song “Raindrops”.  And World War two hero and Medal of Honor recipient, Edgar H. Lloyd. 

  Next is a trip to Dyess, Arkansas (population 515). Also in Mississippi County. Dyess started out as an agricultural cooperative project as part of the Roosevelt administration's Depression-era New Deal projects. The goal was to give poor farm families a chance to make a fresh start with homes and land that they could work towards owning. Do any of you know what is in Dyess, Arkansas. Well, everywhere else in the county you might find cotton or soybean fields, gins, Wal Marts, lots and lots of open flat land, maybe a few swampy areas...but in Dyess, you find the home of Johnny Cash. He even has a street named after him as shown with Ginger.  The city has been trying to raise money to create a museum...I think they may be getting close.



Osceola, Arkansas is home to Buddy Jewell. He is the first ever winner of the Nashville Star music award in 2003. The Osceola courthouse is also on the National Registry of Historic Buildings.

Ginger and Rhia also swing over to Tennessee for a day.  But by the time they got to Graceland it was night time and closed.  Oh so close. But still a great trip.

Thank you Rhia.