Dharma Bear Initiative

                            New Mexico and Colorado


Location: Albuquerque New Mexico

Host: Foreveryoung09/ Adrienne

Dates: May 4-12, 2009

Ginger views the Sandia Mountains, (known locally as the East Mountains) it's a beautiful backdrop to the east side of Albuquerque.   Sandia means "watermelon" in Spanish.  The mountain got this name simply because it looks pink, like the inside of a watermelon, at sunset.  Then she goes to Winrock mall, where the movie "Observe and Report" was recently filmed.
Ginger goes to the Albuquerque Biological Park to see the botanical gardens, aquarium and Tingley park.  There is a variety of wonderful agricultural allure to be seen at botanical gardens.  Among the great areas in this one Ginger sees a luscious Japanese garden complete with water falls...


...and of course exotic native desert plants like yucca trees and various cacti.


At the aquarium Ginger sees lots of luminescent jelly fish and as much as she tried, she could not find any Dharma logos on the shark as seen on the show.

Ginger enjoys a beautiful day at Tingley park.  It even has its own little island and is near the Rio Grande river that flows from Colorado, through New Mexico, and borders both Texas and Mexico on the way to the ocean.


Ginger looks forward to traveling up river to her next stop in Colorado.


Location: Colorado Springs

Host: Iggy/Michelle  

Dates: May  14-20, 2009

Ginger arrives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. First thing is first.  Time to watch the season 5 finale of Lost with his host Iggy.  Both Ginger and Iggy have Dharma logo t-shirts.



Next is a visit to the U.S. Olympic Training center. This is headquarters to the Olympic Committee administration and the Olympic Training Center programs.  


Ginger with the statue and plaque honoring Nick Venetucci.  He was a local farmer known as, “The Pumpkin Man”.   For over 50 years he gave away pumpkins to the children of Colorado springs every harvest.  Having been such a hard working and generous man he earned the love and admiration of everyone in the community.


Ginger with Katherine Lee Bates.  She was the poet who wrote the song “America The Beautiful”, after traveling up to the top of Pikes Peak in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.