Dharma Bear Initiative

                                    North Carolina


Location: North Carolina

Host: Beachfairie/Donna

Dates: September 3rd - 16th 2009


Ginger finds her way up the Atlantic coast to North Carolina to visit with Beachfairie and is eager to learn all she can about her and her home. 




  In Beachfairie’s home Ginger meets Blue, big kitty, Goobie,

and two zebra finches named Sun & Jin.



She also finds that Beachfairie is a massive Boston Red Sox fan and has a great collection of fairy figurines; hence her name. 

Ginger also meets Beachfairies’s youngest son Alex while at a function for his ROTC unit at school. It’s a distinguished unit with many, many awards and trophies! She posed with Alex in front of just a few.  At church with Pastor Jeff Kapusta, who is a LOST fan too!  And of course Beachfairie’s granddaughter Bailey. 

At night, Ginger had the coziest place in the house to sleep.


North Carolina wasn’t the only place Ginger was going to visit this week.  The beach family had plans to attend a wedding party for a friend in the nearby state of Georgia.  She arrived at Dock 5 at Lake Lanier, near Atlanta GA. Ginger was so excited and impressed with all the beautiful houseboats!   Lake Lanier (officially Lake Sidney Lanier) is a reservoir in the northern portion of the U.S. state of Georgia. It was created by the completion of Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956, and is also fed by the waters of the Chestatee River.  It was named for poet Sidney Lanier, and was built and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Within the lake is an island where the wedding party was going to be held.  Because they arrived on Friday 9/11 everyone spent some quiet time early in the day remembering the victims of September 11th, 2001. They spent the rest of the day preparing the island - called "Wedding Island" - for the wedding rehearsal dinner and Luao. 




Ginger loved all the flowers, Polynesian decorations and getting her picture taken with her lovely host all dolled up in grass skirt and lei.  Ginger even had her own bear sized lei.  A Hawaiian themed wedding was just right for a Dharma bear.

Ginger also posed with Mr. Beach and with the groom-to-be.  He is Beachie's best bud for whom she was "Best Wo-man" in the wedding.


Back in NC, Ginger had a whirlwind tour of the island where Beachie and her family live! It's called "Pleasure Island" and you reach it by crossing this bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Cafe Fear River. The bridge is called "Snow's Cut".  Pleasure Island is a coastal island just off the coast of Southeastern North Carolina.




While riding in Beaches red Camaro, complete with Boston Red sox “B” sticker, Ginger visited the Marina where Ginger got a photo in a small garden designed and maintained by the "Island Women of Pleasure Island".  You can see some of the "Winner" fleet of leisure boats in the background.  One of the Winner boats offers party cruises every night with music & disco lights and drinks.  Ginger wanted to go on one, but had run out of time, so she had to settle for some pictures.



Ginger visited one of the many playgrounds on the island where she enjoyed the slide. Peek-a-boo!  Then it was time to hit the beach and boy was Ginger ready to catch some rays! She noticed the "Tsunami Zone" sign! Gotta be very careful when you live on an island!  Ginger wanted a photo with the sign that explained what the different flags on the beach mean. It was a green flag day, ok for swimming.


Ginger absolutely loved catching some rays at the beach and collected some shells to bring on her travels. She was very careful and used SPF 50 sunscreen. HCG would be very proud!!  She also wanted a photo or two under the Kure beach pier.


After the beach we visited the Fort Fisher state historic site Civil War museum. It was closed, but there was much to be seen outside. Fort Fisher was a Confederate fort during the American Civil War. It protected the vital trading routes of the port at Wilmington, North Carolina, from 1861 until its capture by the Union in 1865. This huge gun a 32 - pounder Cannon, was recovered from the wreck of the U.S.S. Peterhoff which sank in 1864. The gun was recovered (along with some other ship wreckage) in 1963 and preserved in 1981. The gun weight was 4,704 pounds and the carriage weight was 1000 pounds!! Can you imagine bringing this up from the ocean floor?!


This marker has plaques that explain that during the civil war (1861-1865) Fort Fisher was the defense of the last open port of the confederacy. The Fort was captured on the night of January 15th, 1865.










Ginger really enjoyed her visit with Beachfairie & family and was very much at home being on islands in NC & GA.  She took a parting shot on Beachie's roof deck (about 45 feet up).   She loved how Beachfairie's roof deck  gives a great view of all the beautifully colored beach houses & the island and sunsets.  Ginger sadly said goodbye to Beachfairie and family, but she's looking forward to visiting Mysty and family about 100 miles north in Kinston, NC.

                           North Carolina continued


Location: North Carolina

Host: Mysty/Crystal

Dates: September 18th – October 1st 2009


There is more to see in North Carolina as Ginger comes to visit Mysty and

Mini-Mysty (also known as Amber).

At home Ginger meets many of Mini Mysty’s friends and poses for
some great glamour shots.


Mini Mysty’s Birthday is coming up soon and Ginger lends a paw

to help prepare for it.  She helps in the kitchen making yummy cupcakes,

brownies and candied apples for a party.



Out and about, Ginger sees a bear sized replica of a light house

and a charming antique water pump at a nearby country store.



Ginger visits the town’s visitor center to see a great statue. The center's Confederate soldier statue will soon talk to visitors. A town leader is currently working on a script for a voice recording to be made and installed in the statue.  The soldier will then appear to talk when a button is pushed.

At Tiffany West Park Ginger learns about an Ironclad warship that was
used in the civil war.  A life sized replica of it is found in the Neuse River
of North Carolina.

The next destination was at Seymour Johnson AFB located in Goldsboro NC. 

After a brief tour around the base, Ginger decided that she wanted to be in

the air force when she grew up.


At the Neuseway Nature Park, Ginger and Mini Mysty learn about local

wild life and then have some fun at the park.


Amber eventually takes Ginger to school with her.  Ginger enjoys

having stories read to her, learning social studies, eating snacks,

and hanging out with Arthur and friends. 


While looking at maps, Ginger reminisces about the places she’s been.
And day dreams about the places she will go.

For dinner the gang goes to a Sonics Drive in. 

It had a playground just right for a bear and her girl.



Back at home Ginger relaxes at the computer.  She tries to find the Lost Plot message board on ABC.com…but it’s gone!  It was erased from the ABC website for good.  What a shame.  So Ginger finds a new Lost Plot board that Mysty created and has fun there instead.  She also wears her new “Eastern North Carolina” t-shirt Mysty made for her.



Ginger bear has had a long day and needs her rest

before starting her next adventure!