Dharma Bear Initiative



ocation: Geneva Switzerland

Host: McLexxie/Linda

Dates: January 5 -27 2010

Ginger comes to visit with Lexxie who writes:

         Ginger by the lakeside in Geneva.  It’s beautiful there in the summer, with rollerbladers, rollerskaters, strollers, bikes, walkers and a whole lot of people out and about.  This was the only sunny day we had in Geneva in January 2010, and it was cold – that’s probably why there weren’t many people out there.



       Ginger with the marina in the background.  The Geneva-lake is well-known for sail-boat races, so maybe one day Desmond will show up?



       Ginger with the very famous ‘Jet d’eau’ in the background.  This is one of the most known tourist attractions in Geneva, and in summer, it’s possible to walk all the way out on a pier and get showered by it.



        Ginger is here in front of the other most known tourist attractions in Geneva, it’s the flower clock.  And it’s actually working!  The pavement next to this clock used to be quite small, and there’s a very busy road going by there.  A few years ago, a Japanese tourist got hit by a car (and survived!).  Since then, the pavement is 4meters large!  To make sure tourists taking that other step back to get their best picture won’t walk out onto the road.



        Ginger with the St. Pierre Cathedral in the background.  This is the tallest point of Geneva, in the middle of the old town, with parts of the old city wall close by. The weather wasn’t good enough to bring her to the top to take pictures of the view, but she still enjoyed seeing the cathedral.


 Note from Lexxie:

       What I like about the TV show Lost?  What’s not to like?  The show itself is innovative, has always kept me on the edge of my seat, and is the only show I’ve ever watched all of the episodes several times.  And on top of that, it’s the TV show that helped me find Plot, and a lot of new friends!  Started out with online friends, having fun discussing the show.  And I have now met quite a few of my fellow posters in person, and we have become very close friends.  This project is part of that wonderful experience!  We come from all parts of the world, we are young and old, men and women, of different descent, but we all have some things in common, and it started with LOST! 

 And Goof, I need to say a HUGE thank you for putting this all together!  It was great being part of the Dharma Bear Initiative

 Big hugs and love,

 McLexxie / Lex / Linda


South Africa

Location: South Africa

Host: LostGary-Vishkus Lion/Gary

Dates:  February 5-16 2010

     George found his way to South Africa just in time to watch LOST with his new host Gary and his family.


       Only a few days later, Ginger arrived.  George and Ginger are both united for the first time. They have lots to share with Gary (Vishkus Lion) and Tammy (Lostakat).



Ginger and George spend lots of quality time together.


        With the help of Gary’s little monkeys (kids), Ginger and George are given the grand tour of Johannesburg and surrounding communities. Shaylen helps G & G show their presence in Alberton.  There they find an awesome park and play ground to have some fun for a while, and play with Jayden and Zeta.



       In Jo-burg, as Gary likes to call it, the family finds a sport shop and finds a new friend for G&G.  His name is Zakumi and he’s the World Cup Soccer Mascot.  The shop owners were very friendly.



        Kyrin and Shaylen help G & G and crew see the Coca Cola Park (Ellis Park Stadium); where South Africa won the 1995 Rugby World Cup.  And where some of the Soccer World Cup will be played.



       Next stop is the airport where they watch for any possible Oceanic flights taking off or landing.  Then the Soccer City Stadium.  Home of the Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa.



        Soccer City Stadium Coke tower, Gold Reef City Amusement Park, Gold Mine Head Gear Tower, and Gold Reed City Casino. 



      Ginger & George with Zakumi take one last look at Johannesburg before preparing to go.  They had a fantastic time with Gary and family.