Dharma Bear Initiative

                                   Texas, the lone star state.

Location: Fort Worth Texas

Host: Eudoxia/Cecelia

Dates: May 25-30, 2009

Ginger arrives in Fort Worth Texas, a classic frontier town with a rich history of cowboys and cattle ranching businesses. 


The Fort Worth stockyards are a particularly characteristic part of town with a variety of dining and entertainment venues all themed from the local western heritage.  Ginger sits on a bull with a real cowboy!


Ginger and Eudoxia do lunch at the Billy Bobs Texas Bar-b-que and steakhouse.  Ginger gets her very own cow girl hat just her size.
Everything in town is cowboy style including a local church with services at high noon.  Not wanting to be left out of all the horse riding fun, Ginger finds a good sized steed to ride.

Time to have some down time and hang out by the pool reading “Vogue” magazine like a fashionable bear would.  And some quiet time contemplating the mysteries of Lost and life. 


And of course, watch several seasons of LOST on DVD.

Location: Austin Texas

Host: Bells island/Belinda

Dates: June 1-13 2009


On the way from Fort Worth to Houston Ginger stopped in the Texas capitol city of Austin with host Bell.  Here they pose with a statue of local blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn.     And the capitol building.


Nearby in Bells home town of Smithville, Ginger asks if she can drive the family John Deere Tractor.  After that joyride she goes out to visit the town.  First stop is to see the Vietnam era UH-1 Medivac helicopter at the American Legion.  They have Bingo night on Tuesdays.



Smithville has a lovely state park, lots of camping and fishing.  And there is a Railroad Museum which is downtown at the end of Main Street.  Not many trains were there though.



Downtown, Ginger spots a Gingerbread man sign across the road (behind her ear) and admires a beautiful red Harley Davidson and its riders at the stop sign.  Then she proceeds to Main street for some home town shopping appeal and antique stores.



At first Ginger was surprised to see a Tiger in rural Texas, but was relieved to find that he was just the local High School Mascot.
Ginger helps Bell turn in some books at the local library and spots a sentential plaque.  The town of Smithville was founded over 100 years ago.
Last but not least Ginger watches airplanes take off from the local Municipal airport; and fantasizes about flying. Smithville was a nice and cozy place to visit.  Thank you Bell.