Dharma Bear Initiative



Location: Vermont

Host: Lola/Jordan

Dates:  December 4-12 2009

   Ginger comes to Vermont to spend time with her host Lola.  Lola studied animal science at the University of Vermont (U.V.M) .  She is now graduated.


On campus, Ginger gets a ride from the school’s mascot, a Catamount.


After touring the school, Lola takes Ginger shopping at the mall. 

Ginger loves the huge Christmas tree and saw Santa sitting near it.


In Lola’s home, Ginger meets Annie who is, at first, less than thrilled to have her picture taken with a stuffed animal. But eventually she warms up to Ginger.


Ginger also meets Lola’s other cuddly pet Dante’ and friend!  Dante’ is a Chinchilla.  Sadly, Chinchillas are often killed for their wonderfully soft fur.  Thankfully Dante’ is safe and sound with Lola.  Dante’ is a sweetheart and gives Ginger a kiss.


Ginger gets some rest on the couch while surrounded by Red Sox blankets. 
And checks out Lola’s Lost calendar.

It’s time for Ginger to move on to her next stop in Canada. But before she can go, Dante’ does a little snooping around in her bag.  And then he tries to stow away in her box to hitch a ride to Canada with her.  Sorry Dante’ but you can’t come with.


Location: Ottawa Canada

Host: Ginger/Rachelle

Dates: December 17-29 2009

Ginger has been posting on ABC since September 2005.  She is one of Plot’s resident Canadian posters and likes to talk about Tim Horton’s and snow eh?  Ginger is honoured that she and Ginger bear share the same name.  The two girls, and Gingers children known as “little Gins”,  bonded over the Christmas holidays.






       The first morning after arriving, Ginger bear quietly sits with Tippy and Bella watching the birds in the snow eat their breakfast.  Ginger Bear wants to play in the snow too so Littlest Gin dresses her up in a jacket and takes her outside to enjoy the wintery wonderland.



      On the next day Mr. Gin takes the whole Gin family downtown for a Ginger bear pic session!  On our way to the city, we drive through Navan, the quiet little village where the Gin’s live.  We pass JT Bradley’s, our little country convenience store which was established in 1898!  It is the heart of Navan, and has always been owned by a Bradley.


      We pass Navan’s arena which has a monument of two Clydesdale horses, it represents Navan’s claim to fame – an event that put us in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995 for the 50 Horse Hitch!  Ginger bear thinks that’s cool!  After wards we stop at Tim Horton’s for a coffee treat! Ohhh yeah that’s the stuff.  Ginger bear sees what all the fuss is about!




       We drive by City Hall and first, and stop traffic as we take a picture.  Then on our way to the Parliament Buildings, we pass Lord Elgin Hotel built in 1941, and one of Ottawa’s landmarks.  It is located just across from Confederation park and the National Art Center.

        We drive past Ginger’s work and on to the Parliament buildings!  We all marvel at the beauty of the structures, and take lots of pictures of the buildings.

      We drive up to a parked RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) car, and ask if we can take a picture of the car.  The officer looks at us strangely and says, “Not with the Bear”.  We say no no! Just the car – you just turn around and we’ll take a picture.  We all chuckle when the officer does as we say, turns around and rolls up his window as we take a picture.  We love being Canadian eh!




      We take a tour past the National Art Gallery and take pictures of the 30 foot spider created by Louise Bourgeois, which is on display at the Gallery’s Plaza.  Spiders with their ability to weave delicately beautiful and complex webs serve as a natural metaphor of creativity.  (Ginger bear googled that).



      We make our way back to Orleans, which is the East End part of the City of Ottawa, and closest to Navan. We decide to make a stop at our local Canadian Tire retail store.  They sell more than just tires.  It’s a very multifaceted store that sells home products, hardware and tools, automotive, sports, camping, lawn and garden products.  Ginger bear finally sees what the Canadians have been talking about all this time!   On the way home Ginger bear gets excited when she sees a snowmobile coursing past the Gin house and knows she is in Canada for realz!



      After a long day of site seeing, Ginger bear settles down with some popcorn and watches the Ottawa Senators hockey game and cheers in her awesome new Sens Jersey! 


       Christmas Eve finally arrives, and Ginger bear can’t believe that Santa comes tonight!  Next morning she can’t believe Santa has come!  She loves spending Christmas with the Ginger family.



       Ginger bear says farewell to Canada and packs her bag for Switzerland where she will meet McLexxie next.  She is excited to travel overseas and Ginger makes sure she is warm and safe for her long journey.  A new key chain is added to the rest! The Ginger family all say thank you to Goof for organizing this great event!