Dharma Bear Initiative

West Virginia

Location: West Virginia

Host: Blacksmokewhitebear/Kris

Dates:  Oct. 28th – Nov. 10 2009


      Ginger comes to West Virginia to visit with Kris, Amy and Johnny.  Kris is a professional photographer and Ginger looks forward to working with him. 

       To begin the week, Kris takes Ginger out to a fascinating little store called "The Purple Moon".  It had all kinds of cool stuff from the 50's and 60's.  Ginger enjoyed dressing up and window shopping.



  Kris proposes a deal to Ginger.  Kris will make a movie with Ginger as the star during her week here.  Ginger answers, “I’m ready for my close up now Mr. Kris.












       The next night was Halloween and Kris took Ginger to an art gallery where there was a show called "HallowEast".  Many local artists were there to enjoy a fun costume party and display their work, including some of Kris's work.  In keeping with the Halloween holiday, the theme was called "ArtMares".   Ginger posed with several of the fellow artists in costume.  Many of whom were also LOST fans.



       November 1st, the cast and crew (Johnny, Amy, Kris & Ginger) stopped by the Cultural Center and then State Capitol.



  She admires the Abe Lincoln statue in front of the capitol.  It’s titled "Lincoln Walks At Midnight".  He looks deep in thought.












       Afterwards they went up Rt.60 towards Hawks Nest State park, stopped in the town of Glen Ferris and found a great beach location along the Kanawha River to begin some of Gingers movie filming. Ginger writes "Help" and makes her own little hut on the beach pretending to be a survivor of Oceanic 815.




      Further along on Rt.60 out of Charleston West Virginia they visit beautiful Cathedral Waterfall on the Historic Midland Trail.  Johnny helps Ginger film her scene with a turtle, snake and lizard.  She has a blast filming with help from Amy and Johnny.


At the end of a fun and exciting week Gingers movie is finished.


Ginger had an absolutely wonderful time in West Virginia,

thank you Kris, Amy and Johnny.

A personal word from Kris:

      "As a writer, photographer and director I was very excited to work with a top tier actress such as Ginger Bear, she is A-list all the way. What an incredible opportunity and what a talent. It's really been, one of the highlights of my career. Everyone she worked with absolutely adored her.
       We produced a work of motion picture art and I have the first six pages of a print story finished as well.  I would like to thank Ginger Bear and the entire D.B.I. for making it all happen. What a blast!"

K.D. Lett/BlackSmokeWhiteBear